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As a YouTube MasterClass, the Online Creator Institute removes all misconceptions about having lots of subscribers, views and teaches you how to validate demand, create content and convert that into income in 21 days on YouTube.


Get A Process To Follow

Save 3 to 5 years of learning Content Marketing, and YouTube algorithm with a proven step-by-step process. From video structure, scripts to accepting a monthly pay-check.

Take control

Mindset Training

We created a new way to view business and YouTube. A dedicated-positive mindset is critical. This is what makes us the best YouTube MasterClass available today.


Join Our Community

Join a community of creators on the same wavelength as you. Get motivated, inspired, and forge alliances.


Expert Mentorship

Get personalized mentorship from qualified experts who can troubleshoot opportunities and provide direction.

YouTube Online Education

Watch detailed training videos in 1080P HD. The Online Creator Institute updates videos regularly with the latest YouTube algorithm changes and industry trends so you’ll always have cutting-edge knowledge to apply to your videos.

Start or Grow Your Business With YouTube

The digital age is here. Videos are the most powerful tool that go beyond traditional marketing. The YouTube MasterClass takes you on a proven step-by-step process to succeed applying YouTube to your business or making YouTube the business.

Learn How To Generate Passive Income With The YouTube MasterClass

There’s a common misconception about passive income. Passive income means understanding time, effort, and memory. Put in the time and effort today with the methods taught in this YouTube MasterClass, then allow the law of compounding to kick in. 

Why did I start OCI?

My objective is not to make you quit your job for the “YouTuber Life”. That’s nonsense. My objective is to give you so much confidence in your own success that everything around you sky-rockets. The additional income stream is just icing on the cake. That icing is just larger than the cake.

As Micheal Jordan said: “Let your game speak”

Louis Petrides

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What do people say?

Testimonials from our students.

While maintaining my full-time job as a project manager. With Louis's help, I created my first 100k+ video with just 120 subscribers. Louis's program helped me 5x my website business traffic through YouTube and generate another source of passive income.
-Thank You Louis
Josh "The Lost Passport"
Project Manager
I worked directly with Louis in creating an affiliate video. I only had 15 subscribers and for every 1,000 views on my video, It generated $6,000. And It's still going! Louis has completely changed the way I view the online landscape.

Alex "Creators of Web"
Head of Design & UX

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