YouTube MasterClass

We help everyday people and entrepreneurs build passive YouTube income within 21 days through affiliate marketing.

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Learn YouTube From Industry Experts

The YouTube MasterClass has been built to spec and is constantly updated. It will take you through relevant information you need to know about Google’s YouTube platform. From mindset, editing to implementing meta data within your videos to rank above the competition. We simplify the entire process.

  • Mindset Mastery
  • Why YouTube?
  • Planning Videos
  • Creating Videos
  • Editing Videos
  • Building Your Channel
  • SEO Techniques
  • The YouTube Code
  • Growth Hacks
  • BONUS: How To Make 6 Figures Passively

YouTube MasterClass Outline

  • How This Program Works – 23:43 Minutes (Watch for FREE)
  • Mindset Mastery – 52:07 Minutes
  • Hacking Your Mindset – 55:54 Minutes
  • Why YouTube – Before You Start – Quality Control – 18:42 Minutes (Watch for FREE)
  • Planning Your Videos – 55:03 Minutes
  • Creating Your Videos – 44:12 Minutes
  • Editing Your Videos – 43:47 Minutes
  • Building Your Channel Structure – 43:15 Minutes
  • SEO Techniques – 44:06 Minutes
  • The YouTube Code – 37:13 Minutes
  • YouTube Growth Hacks – 51:01 Minutes
  • The Math behind 6 figures on YouTube (Watch for FREE)
  • 6 Figures With ZERO Subscribers

Invest in yourself. Start today.

Always wanted to build something for yourself? We help bring out your talents and passions by giving you all the tools to start securing a second income from YouTube. 

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What do people say?

Testimonials from our students.

While maintaining my full-time job as a project manager. With Louis's help, I created my first 100k+ video with just 120 subscribers. Louis's program helped me 5x my website business traffic through YouTube and generate another source of passive income.
-Thank You Louis
Josh "The Lost Passport"
Project Manager
I worked directly with Louis in creating an affiliate video. I only had 15 subscribers and for every 1,000 views on my video, It generated $6,000. And It's still going! Louis has completely changed the way I view the online landscape.

Alex "Creators of Web"
Head of Design & UX

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